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FRACTALDr.Potapov meets Benoit Mandelbrot

The Novamir Group is dedicated to seeking out scientific knowledge from any source, from ancient civilizations to the fringes of modern science.  It is possible that the answers we seek to many of today’s problems have simply been lost to dark periods of history or to the indiscriminate actions of closed-minded individuals or group interests.

Science is not a religion, nor is it a philosophy seeking Truth.  Science is a systematic approach to understanding the universe around us and expanding that understanding using the rules of scientific method.

Humanity has an obligation to the future of all species to expand beyond the confines of Earth.  Our planet has been a wonderful cradle for life, however, the entire period of recorded human history has been one of geological and meteorological stability.  Whether this stability was by divine construction or by simple luck, it should be of concern that the human race and planet Earth could at any moment be at an epoch of great change.  While such change may come slowly, it is just as possible that such change will be swift and massive in scope.