The Novamir Group is a private organization founded by Robert and Erin Bishop to create and promote international cooperation in the areas of education, science and technology.  Novamir sponsors research and development programs to foster the development of unique solutions to the most urgent needs of humanity. There is no question that the planet earth is a place of continuous tectonic and meteorological change. While the cause of this change may be a matter for disagreement, the understanding that it is happening is not.  We hope to inspire others to think creatively and to work together toward hardening humans civilization to  prepared civilization for whatever changes are in the future.   We believe all humankind should work together for a more resilient, cooperative, and peaceful world.


Lawyer Erin Hausladen Bishop  and Yuri

Erin Bishop and Yuri

Photo: Robert and Erin Bishop meet in Saint Petersburg Russia with Yuri Artsutanov, a close friend of Robert’s and Sir Arthur Clarke and the inventor of the space elevator.


The Novamir Group funds investigations into all areas of conventional and non-conventional science and technology, including so called Fringe Science. Fringe Science is simply the leading edge of science where all new discoveries are found. We do this in order to develop and find solutions to many of today’s critical problems.


Humans have enormous potential. Such potential may only be harnessed with access to the proper systems and tools.  Novamir works to identify the systems and tools that offer humans the opportunity to cooperate in the exploration of the unknown. Such systems and tools that inspire individual creativity and enable the search for knowledge no matter where or when that search leads.

Lawyer Erin Bishop (Erin Hausladen) in Moscow to try and sell the idea to create RT - Russian Television
Erin Bishop, Robert Bishop enjoying life with close friends in Russia. Lawyer Erin Bishop wrote the business plan on this trip that was to become RT – Russian Television.
Erin Bishop (Erin Hausladen) often mixed work and pleasure. Here is Erin Bishop at a science fiction convention.
Robert and Erin Bishop often mixed work and pleasure. Here is Erin Bishop at a science fiction convention. Erin and Robert attended many events relating to their friend Sir Arthur C. Clarke.