The Final Message from the Novamir Group

Humans are a frail and confused species. The human race is in no way prepared to deal with threats of a planetary or cosmic nature. Over the millennia human civilizations have risen and fallen time and again. In each past civilization humans made advances in specific areas. Much of this ancient knowledge has been forgotten, lost or hidden. The Novamir Group was formed to seek out and learn as much as possible about this ancient knowledge in order to help prepare humanity to better deal with future calamities of a planetary or cosmic nature.

The goal of the Novamir Group was quite simple: Learn from the past, to prepare for the future.

Erin Hausladen and friends in Russia

Erin Hausladen – Lawyer, Alex Molev – Artist, Sergey Believ – Promoter, Vladimir Onoochin – Scientist

Dear Hairless Bipeds and other Interested Sentient Beings:

This last trip around the Sun has been a time of chaos and disenchantment for many. But for the thinkers and visionaries amongst us this is a time of learning and a vivid confirmation that humanity must change.

Our prevailing understanding of the universe is based on theoretical models enforced by empirical knowledge. Science has a way of adjusting to the changes in human understanding, but all too often, theology and dogma remain rooted in the past. The present chaos in social and economic systems could offer great opportunity for scientists, philosophers and theologians to explore together the relevance of dogma and theology by seeking solutions to the problems facing all of humanity – an exploration illuminated by our evolving understanding of the universe. Such an endeavor would offer a path to enhanced cooperation between science, philosophy and religion, and science and technology.

Science and Religion need not be in conflict. Scientists, who who are also people of faith have a special understanding that should be shared.

The Earth has been a wonderful cradle for humanity. But in fact, the entire period of the recorded history has been one of extreme geological and meteorological stability on the planet Earth when compared with what we know of the sum total of geological time. Whether this stability was by divine construction or by simple luck, it is apparent that the human race and planet Earth could be at an epoch of great change. While such change may come slowly, it is just as possible that such change will be swift and massive in scope. Like an aircraft that is lost in stall owing to careless piloting, so could the earth’s biosphere be lost in an uncontrollable tailspin owing to careless human stewardship.

Humans should not attempt to modify systems they are yet to fully understand.

Extreme changes in the earth's biosphere could result from a simple lack of respect for the balance of life on Earth. Humans have long understood that to maintain the bio-balance there needed to be an increase in the number and size of green spaces and forest lands to balance the negative effects of an ever-increasing number of humans and related human activities. But instead of taking a path dictated by wisdom and intellect that would harmonize the plant life to animal life ratio, humans instead chose poorly and continued to tear down paradise to put up a parking lot. Contrary to popular fiction- carbon dioxide is not a pollutant – it is key to stability of the biosphere. The real problem is a loss of planetary balance between the plant and the animal kingdoms. There may still be time – but selling carbon credits will do more harm than good – though it may make a few Enron style traders and Al Gore very rich at the cost of planetary stability. Until bio-balance is restored we can expect anomalous geological and meteorological events to increase in frequency. Humanity must learn to adapt to these changes while putting greater effort into restoring and maintaining the planetary balance.