The Novamir Group was created by Robert and Erin Bishop in the early days of the 21st century with the dream of making life a little bit better for all the passengers of spaceship Earth.

Every sentient being has the ability to make things better. All one needs to do is try. Nothing is accomplished unless one tries. It is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Simply put, it is not good intentions that make life a better place for everyone, from the blue whale to the new born kitten and all life in between, it is trying to do so that counts.

Robert and Erin met with many of the thought leaders of the planet Earth. Robert and Erin had so many friends and associates around the world but nowhere did the couple have more friends than in Russia.

Erin’s close friend Volodya is one of the leading Russian scientists in the area quantum electrodynamics.

Erin and Robert shared their love and their dreams with such giants as Sir Arthur C. Clarke, a personal friend and author of 2001 a Space Odyssey and many other great works and Yuri Artsutanov, one of the father’s of the space elevator and someone who took the time to blow glass he salvaged from trash into the most beautiful swans for local children and his closest friends.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke and Robert worked together in the field of Fringe Science. Arthur suggested once that Robert should be called the Father of Fringe Science. Fringe Science is simply science at the leading edge of scientific knowledge. One of Arthur’s three laws states: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Robert Erin helped Arthur to distinguish sufficiently advanced technologies from magic using strict scientific method.

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Below a Small Offering of Erin’s and Robert’s Adventures:

Erin Bishop adjusting relay for wireless video platform Robert and Erin developed for NASA
Erin Bishop and Robert Bishop with Jose, founding member of the NSA, along with Allah who played the one leg prostitute on the Sopranos.
Erin Bishop on the USS Enterprise
Robert Bishop on the canals of Saint Petersburg, Russia
Erin Bishop during her first trip to Helsinki Finland with Robert
Erin Bishop with Cecilia Shou in Taiwan
Erin Bishop at the Russian Museum of Art in Saint Petersburg Russia
Robert and Erin Bishop expressing their sadness with others in the streets of Winchester, VA as America invades Iraq.

Robert Bishop in Moscow at the Cosmos Hotel during the later days of the Soviet Union. The gentleman in the fur hat was Robert’s KGB watcher.
Greetings to Robert and Erin from their partners in Russia.
Robert Bishop with his friend, a member of the internal KGB in Moscow.
Erin Bishop with Viktor Petrik after a meeting about advanced nano-carbon water filters to hopefully save lives Bangladesh See Information:
Erin Bishop and Director Charkin at the Russian museum of Art.
Erin Bishop in the Streets of Taipei.
Erin Bishop and Robert Bishop travel to Saint Petersburg Russia to surprise Yuri Artsutanov with a birthday party and a special gift from Sir Arthur C. Clarke. Yuri explains the secret of life and Robert takes care of his wife Erin after she comes down with food poisoning. While Robert’s friends may be some of the most important people around the world the most important person in his life is his wife Erin. Robert and Erin Bishop touch the lives of so many people in such a positive way. What better way to spend ones time on earth could there be than to devote ones lives to helping humanity to learn, grow and survive.
All in Erin’s and Robert’s life was not happiness and joy. Erin and Robert never had human children but they loved Tom the Cat as if he were their flesh and blood. Erin seen here comforting Tom in his final hours. Erin’s love for the creatures of this beautiful blue-green planet was a major inspiration to drive Robert to work harder and do more to help all the creatures of the earth, not only the hairless bipeds.
Erin Bishop Assembles Theremin Kit.
Erin Bishop at work at the Winchester, VA laboratory.
Tom the Cat assisting Erin Bishop complete a contract with Chevron in Kazakhstan.
Erin Bishop photographs children playing in the streets of Kazakhstan.
Robert and Erin Bishop with laughing Buddha on top of a volcano on the island of Taiwan.
One of the experiments in progress at the Winchester, VA laboratory.
Erin Bishop on a trip to South Carolina to meet with a freind of Steve Jobs.
Erin Bishop in front of McDonald’s Moscow showcase restaurant.
Erin Bishop engaged in an early virtual reality experiment.
Robert Bishop and Erin Bishop always tried to mix pleasure with business whenever possible. This photo was from one of the best trips to Russia. Erin and Robert having fun with their dear Russian friends.
Robert Bishop and Erin Bishop worked with Arthur C. Clarke to help him realize his dream of clean, safe and limitless energy to power the human race. While many called it “Fringe Science” the team got closer than the world would ever know.