Erin Bishop Presents the First Production VTRIX Boards.

VTRIX was the first end-to-end IoT platform. Decades ahead of its time it was a 21st century product in the 20th century. The VTRIX project was the first of many development efforts carried out by Erin Bishop and Robert Bishop. Below is the description of the project from 1999.

The VTRIX (“Video-Telemetry-Remote-Information-eXchange”) Internet Platform enables users to maintain a physical presence remotely in any one of many places, making remote sensing, or the gathering of data from a distance, without physical presence and without a physical connection, possible.   For example, the VTRIX can record data in a digital format onto a hard disk drive to make reviewing hours of surveillance much easier, or, with the VTRIX, telemetry can be sent over the Internet — often through wireless data networks — directly to an individual engaged in real-time monitoring of remote events or to hard drive archives for review at a later time.   Processing chips inside the VTRIX make captured video images easy to discern, and next generation VTRIX software will enable the Platform to extract from monitored, seemingly random events, suspicious behavior patterns in order to send alerts to security personnel. 

The VTRIX adds intelligence to video security, and can be powered with solar energy so that it functions even if there is a power outage or deliberate power failure.  The VTRIX also incorporates high quality infrared to allow full functioning capability at night.   The VTRIX can also carry a multitude of additional data sensors, such as radiation detectors and/or sensors for lumens, carbon dioxide levels, and barometric pressure.

A VTRIX Platform camera trained on a road can discern a car’s license plates and cameras trained on doors can capture faces.  The Platform’s audio capability allows it to register a sound – say screeching tires, or a scream – and simultaneously, via the Platform’s pan-tilt-zoom-focus feature, maneuver to the direction of the registered sound and capture the event (say, a fender bender or a robbery) on camera.   The VTRIX can also be programmed to send an alarm of varying degrees of urgency to police or fire stations, a home, or business headquarters based on the nature of the security threat.